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Sugarwood Services, LLC

A Full Service Facility Exterior and Grounds Maintenance Company

Landscape Management Services

Sugarwood works with clients to effectively manage their facility grounds and landscapes to enhance their brand image, and help maintain their standing in the communities in which they operate.

Maintaining the landscaping at multiple facilities can be a difficult and time-consuming process without the right partner on your side. Sugarwood Services has the resources, talent, skills and equipment to manage this vital operation to ensure that your landscape is in optimal condition year-round, with little to no effort on your part.

Seasonal Lawn Clean-Up

Seasonal Clean-Up Services

During the pre-season phase of Spring, Sugarwood landscapers will perform basic facilities services, such as cleanup, mulching, trimming and sprucing. This is when we discuss your your plans for seasonal color.

In the “high maintenance” warmer months, your lawn will require weekly care and attention. Fortunately, Sugarwood will manage the mowing, flower maintenance, weeding, fertilizing, pruning, aerating and debris removal.

End-of-season maintenance looks a lot like pre-season maintenance. Sugarwood will rake up the leaves, prune back the perennials, winterize fountains and ensure your landscape is ready for the colder months.

Lawn Seeding & Repair

Lawn Seeding, Aeration, Fertilization & Repair

Every lawn has a unique set of needs. Our annual Fertilization and Weed Control Plans ensure that your lawn will look its best no matter the time of year.

Before we get to work we identify your lawn’s unique needs and natural attributes. From this we can optimize the health and aesthetics of your  property in a cost-effective manner.

With regular applications between 6 and 8 times each year, your lawn will have the nutrients and fertilizers it needs to grow into the lush, green landscape that you desire.

From aeration and weed control to irrigation, our annual Fertilization and Weed Control Plans address all common lawn care concerns for a beautiful lawn that is admired all year.

Lawn Edging & Cutting

Weekly Lawn Cutting & Edging

The exterior of your facility, from the windows and sidewalks to the grass, tells visitors a lot about your business and its core values.

Sugarwood leverages its experience, trained labor pool, and best in class equipment to help clients maintain a landscape that conveys a positive message and a good first impression.

While weekly mowing and hedge trimming are part of our repertoire, our capabilities extend far beyond those most basic of services.

Our landscaping facilities maintenance experts know how to keep grounds’ natural attributes looking fresh and presentable throughout the year.

Seasonal Color & Mulching

Did you know the most important aspect of overall curb appeal planning and strategy is in seasonal colors?

Seasonal colors can add a burst of vibrant or contrasting colors to cover high profile areas such as entrances, entertainment areas, court yards, near property signage and corners of the property which border public roads which are all highly viewed areas of your property.

With your designated project manager, they can help you carefully design a seasonal color program which will help make your property look great, year round. This program can be suited to your budget and needs. 

Landscaping - Tree Pruning

Bush & Tree Pruning and Feeding

It’s essential to have proper pruning and care of your plants which ensures long life cycles and less frequent plant loss. Having scheduled pruning and shearing is preformed by our “detail crew” which specializes in this specific area to make sure things are handled with care and expertise. This ensure we deliver beautiful results to make your property look the best year round.

With offering complete arbor care services, we can ensure your trees are looking great and trimmed at the proper times throughout the year. From structural pruning and trimming of trees to removal our certified arborists and licensed tree trimmers will assess your property, make suggests and complete all work in a safe manner.

Landscaping - Irrigation

Landscape & Lawn Irrigation

The lawns, plants and trees that make up your beautiful commercial landscaping all require the proper level of moisture to look their best and flourish.

Landscape irrigation systems should be set to water early in the morning, around sunrise. This allows the water time to soak down into the roots and the grass blades and plant leaves a chance to dry off quickly, preventing disease.

Let Sugarwood commercial landscaping determine the right watering cycle for your landscape investments. We will monitor the moisture levels and adjust the frequency and amounts of moisture accordingly.

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