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Sugarwood Services, LLC

A Full Service Facility Exterior and Grounds Maintenance Company

Facilities Maintenance & Repair

Sugarwod works with clients to effectively manage their facilities and environmental liabilities in order to comply with regulatory requirements, protect their customers and brand, and enhance their standing in the communities in which they operate.

Working as an extension of their staff, we provide specialized maintenance and remediation program management expertise while focusing on the strategic objectives and values of our clients, enabling them to focus on their core business.

With proper planning and project management, skilled teams of construction professionals, and the best in class construction equipment, Sugarwood Services is an awesome facilities maintenance and repair partner that you can rely on.

Sugarwood Facility Maintenance Work

Exterior Cleaning & Commercial Coatings

From interior office walls to full building exteriors, our commercial painting division provides skilled coaters that are committed to exceed your expectations. Our interior and exterior services are managed by pros to ensure quality results that are delivered on budget and on time.

For each project a dedicated Crew Leader and Project Manager will ensure safety and quality throughout the length of the project.

Our team consists of the finest highly-skilled pros in the industry. They are fully equipped to clean, paint, repair, or seal a variety of surfaces from asphalt & concrete, to stucco, aluminum & metals, and wood.

Asphalt Paving

Asphalt & Concrete Maintenance & Repair

Leverage our experienced paving team and fleet of best-in-class equipment to keep your lots in tip-top shape for improved safety and longer life.

In addition to paving, our services include Sealcoating and Line Striping.

Sealcoating is a waterproofing treatment and includes the filling of small cracks that can eventually develop into larger and more dangerous cracks or potholes.

Sealcoating protects asphalt from the damaging sun rays and harmful effects of chemicals like oil and gasoline. New sealcoating preserves the resilience of asphalt surfaces and also makes traffic lines and pavement markings more visible to increase safety.

Storm Water Management

Storm Drain & Runoff Water Management

Clogged storm drains and catch basins often happen at the worst time.

Our storm drain and catch basin inspection and maintenance service will eliminate the need for emergencies and down time. Sugarwood provides regular scheduled maintenance of commercial, industrial or municipal water management systems.

We maintain, repair, and reconstruct stormwater control systems and piping. Our team is knowledgeable in local stormwater regulations and we provide our clients with customized solutions for their stormwater management needs. Sugarwood is capable of managing all repair and reconstruction, if needed.

Hardscape Construction

We understand the importance of value, and our goal is to create for our clients outdoor environments that not only are functional and aesthetically appealing, but also provide a good return on investment.

Hardscape work includes walls, patios, walkways, and other non-living structures in your landscaping design often made from blocks, brick, stone, wood or concrete.

Softscape work is more about the natural components in your landscaping, such as plants and soil.

Ground cover includes anything used to cover soil, which may include low-growing plants, mulch, gravel, wood chips, or bark.

Irrigation Systems are designed and installed for watering plants and lawn, usually with an irrigation or sprinkler system and a smart irrigation controller.

Sugarwood Lot Line Painting Work 2

Parking Lot Maintenance & Line Striping

Extend the life of your asphalt parking lot with scheduled maintenance. We utilize a fleet of specialized equipment to provide superior parking lot care & marking services such as:

Crack filling seals the small cracks before they develop into larger and more dangerous cracks or even pot holes.

Sealcoating is the application of a waterproofing agent which minimizes water penetration through the asphalt to extend its life. Sealcoating also protects your asphalt surface from the sun, and from chemicals like gas & oil.

Other services that we commonly provide include Lot Sweeping, Line Painting (Striping), Installation of Bumpers & Bollards, and Installation of Directional Signage.

Let us help you keep your lots in tip top shape.

Signage & Lighting Maintenance

Sugarwood provides sign and lighting maintenance services for both planned and reactive maintenance of signage and external lighting equipment.

Our service is designed to ensure that customer’s signage and exterior lighting are in full working order at all times.

Our service can include a call out service to attend and resolve faults quickly and reliably whenever they occur. We also offer a quality manufacturing service for repair or replacement when signs that are damaged by weather or other events.

Having a well presented professional image is important in this increasingly competitive and image conscious retail environment, and especially for food outlets where a clean external image reflects what customers expect to see on the inside.

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