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Sugarwood Services Vehicle at work 1
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Sugarwood Services, LLC

A Full Service Facility Exterior and Grounds Maintenance Company

Commercial Facilities & Grounds Maintenance

Sugarwood employs a dedicated team of highly-skilled and trained construction, maintenance & landscaping professionals that focus on the unique needs of commercial clients both large and small. We maintain facilities and grounds for businesses that are as dedicated to their customers and employees as we are to ours. From facilities and grounds maintenance, to irrigation, landscape lighting, and snow removal, our services are performed by trained professionals using the industry's best practices and state of the art equipment.

Commercial Maintenance Work Service Box

Maintenance of Facility Exteriors & Grounds

We work with large retailers, property managers and owners to improve their operational efficiency, lower their maintenance costs and improve the function, appearance and safety of their facilities and grounds.

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Landscape Beautification and Seasonal Care

Sugarwood has deep roots in property and landscape management. Our gardeners, equipment operators and crew leaders receive highly-specialized service and safety training to deliver superior results for our customers.

Sugarwood Snow & Ice Management

Winter Snow & Ice Management

Winter accident liability is a largest concern for business and property owners across the country. Sugarwood Services is growing fast becoming  one of the largest snow and ice removal companies in North America.

As people approach your facility, your property is the first thing noticed, and it is a reflection of your professional brand. Sugarwood’s expertise and dedication to quality service will help you achieve and maintain your brand image objectives.

Residential Landscaping & Construction

Residential Landscape Design Service

Landscape Design

Landscape Design is the art or practice of planning (designing) changes to landscaped areas, either for aesthetic or practical purposes.

The Landscape Designer is a professional who plans and develops landscape projects, usually at a residential or small commercial level with the major design impetus on plantings.

A Landscape Plan is a completed landscape design, detailing all elements for the new landscape. This usually takes the form of a drawing on paper and a bill of materials.

  • Softscapes
  • Hardscapes
  • Irrigation Systems
Residential Landscaping Construction Work

Landscape Construction

Hardscape work includes walls, patios, walkways, and other non-living structures in your landscaping design often made from wood, brick, stone, or concrete.

Softscape work is more about the natural components in your landscaping, such as plants and soil.

Ground cover includes anything used to cover soil, which may include low-growing plants, mulch, gravel, wood chips, or bark.

Irrigation Systems are designed and installed for watering plants and lawn, usually with an irrigation or sprinkler system and a smart irrigation controller.

Residential Hardscapes

Landscape Maintenance

Your Property’s landscape is an asset that can add or detract value from your home.

Landscape maintenance is considered by most as an unwelcome chore. At Sugarwood, we see it as a meaningful vocation, and a vital component to boost the long-term value of your property.

Estate maintenance plans address the changing seasons and support plants and trees to mature gracefully within the landscape design.

Spring’s blooming gardens and thick blankets of green grass are made possible from last fall’s attention to bulb installation, over-seeding and aeration.

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